Monday, June 6, 2011

The Cricket Report 6-6-11

Birdies, today I am putting a few songs within one post. The First is Mord Fustang's new song called A New World (Original Mix). Yes, it is dubstep, but you know that Mord Fustang always hits it with intense electronic vibes, making it an amazing listen. He is one of the few dubstep guys I really like, and this song is so sick.

The next song comes from Funkagend & Adam K, and it is called Drift (Original Club Mix). This is an awesome progressive track that has some electronic vibes, a great build up, and a great amount of energy. I really love the smooth sound before the drop - this is one of my favorite songs in a while.

Another great song that came out today was Reset! - Calypsoul (Original Mix). This song is the definition of funky. I am digging this new funk/disco kind of trend because these songs are so easy to dance to. This song gets a little intense at parts, but the consistency of funk throughout makes it such a unique and dope track.

Finally, there is Nicky Romero's new song, Keyboard (Original Mix). I am not usually a huge Romero fan because he is way too electronic in certain songs, but it is way tuned down in this track and it has progressive elements. This is a sick summer song and, in my opinion, it is kind of anthemy. Give it a listen.

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