Thursday, June 30, 2011

The-Dream - Take Care Of Me (Figure Remix)

Run for cover! Another dirty dubstep post. Old tune but Figure just reposted and I thought I'd send it around the blog again. Stop whining and appreciate it...

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Report 2/29

First two songs of today. At first I had trouble finding any songs, but after searching everywhere, I ended up having to make a tough decision on which two were worthy posts. As a result, both of these songs are must haves.

Nero ft. Sub - Promises (Skrillex & Nero Remix)

Yes, Dubstep. I know I bash this genre often, but I admittedly dabble with it every once in a while. This song is one of those occasions. I am surprised it hasn't been posted yet. This song came out a little while ago, but this is the official HQ version that came out probably a week or so ago, and it is too dope. Listen.

Arty - Around the World (Original Mix)

This song is too good for words. Arty, one of the best in trance right now in my opinion, has really outdone himself with this song. There has been so much hype surrounding it, and it fulfills the expectations.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mastiksoul & Dada Feat. Akon & Paul G - Bang It All (Sidney Samson Remix)

Great remix, typical Sidney Samson sound. Really unique use of vocals too, love the pitch shifts and splits. Good tune.

Arkist - Fill Your Coffee

This track has been out for a while as an unreleased cut, but apparently will finally see the light of day next Monday under Laurie Osborne's Bristol based Apple Pips Records. This track is very intelligent, borrowing many aspects from James Blake's production. Chillllll.

Drake - Marvin's Room (Official Video)

Our favorite song gets the video treatment. On another note, the official video for 'I'm On One' came out a few days ago and I'm into it. Hate it if you must (fuck DJ Khaled), but there's no denying it's an amazing song. Thank Me Later was a CD for the masses, but this next release is one for the fans. October 24th can't come soon enough. Take Care.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Avicii - Fade Into Darkness (Vocal Mix) (Alex Prigenzi Edit)


So this is NOT Avicii's vocal edit of his birdy track "Penguin". Now that we have that cleared up, Alex Prigenzi's edit is spot on and sounds the same.


Sebastian Brandt - Ashes (Original Mix)

This is an intense trance track. It has been played by Armin everywhere, and even though he kind of has to play it since it is on his label, it is a really well done, energetic tune. Give it a listen.

Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Yves V & Angger Dimas – Madagascar (Original Mix)

This song puts together all of these artists' sounds and makes it a complete banger. It has the Afrojack type of feel. Definitely worth a listen.

Avicii- Never Die Alone ( Alesso vs. Sebastian Ingrosso Remix)


Great Remix

Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Cricket Returns

Sorry for the absence, a beverage was spilled on my computer and it turned off for several days...
Anyway, I have some catching up to do, so here are two new(er) songs that I think are really good, and come from two guys who I think are going to get much bigger in the near future.

Cahill ft. Joel Edwards - In Case I Fall (R3hab Mix)

R3hab always brings a dope electronic sound to his remixes, but this one is a little toned back and the vocals make it even better. Smooth track.

Tommy Trash - The End (Original Mix)

Tommy Trash has come out with some ridiculous remixes this summer - however, he finally came out with this much anticipated track recently. It has a quasi-arab sound to it, mixed with his unique electronic style. I love the drops and the energy.

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Weeknd - Trust Issues (Remix)

Dope, dope song. The-Weeknd is amazing. 'Nuff said.

AraabMuzik Documentary

Really great look into the mind of legendary Diplomats producer AraabMuzik. And if you haven't noticed, I've been on an AraabMuzik binge for the past few weeks, so bare with me. If you still don't have his EP yet buy it here, or download it here.

Brenmar - Let Me Know (Tasting) (5kinAndBone5 & Vin Sol Garage & Patio Remix)

Brenmar is that dude, and he probably has the coolest haircut ever (no homo). I've been a fan of this BK based producer for a while now, and his new EP, Let Me Know (Tasting) has been making a lot of noise. He combines aspects of hip-hop, R&B, electronic and house to create a really timeless, unique "ghetto-progressive" (as I dubbed it) sound. This is a great remix to the title track off Brenmar's EP, although whoever the remixers are really need to start thinking of a new name, that ish both looks and sounds stupid. And for all you Brenmar fans that haven't seen these yet, here's some dope studio footage with him and Sinden as well as his in-depth interview with Fly FM. Wise up for the Brenmar takeover.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Monday, June 20, 2011

Charli XCX - Stay Away

Charli XCX's "Stay Away" is a great nu-80's pop sounding record with really mysterious undertones. It "smartly evokes a certain romance for pop's darker corners" and keeps the listener interested. I always thought this UK up and comer was underrated since I first heard her a few years ago. Tune.

Also, here is the T.Williams remix thats more of a fast paced alternative-electronic-dance rendition of the original. It combines somewhat reggaeton-ish and southern rap drum patterns very smoothly. Also worth the listen.

Plastik Funk - Discofunk (Original Mix)

Straight FUNK with progressive breakdowns and buildups. Really gets going after the first break and uses amazing vocals-- giving it almost an Axwell feel, yet transforms back into my favorite tech sound...

Araabmuzik - Electronic Dream EP

So I was confused the other day when I saw that the Dipset producer slash MPC wizard Araabmuzik was booked to play EDC Las Vegas. After hearing this EP, it makes perfect sense. The famous Diplomats producer has branched out to create this amazing release, entertaining his typical MPC drum patterns layered with trancey synths and rave-esque female vocals. Do not get this confused with Araab's Dipset Trance Party, as I'm sure some of you Dipset fans jokingly recall. This is an amazing clash between Araabmuzik and the ever expanding "electronic" music genre. Buy on iTunes or download for free below. "Electronic Dream", the title track off the EP can also be heard below. Enjoy, dirty birds.

Kryder - K2 (Original Mix)

This track is backed by just about every famous DJ you've ever heard of, so give it a listen.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Curren$y - This Is The Life

I wasn't going to post this, but this is one of the greatest breakdowns I have ever read, straight Curren$y:

Curren$y has one of rap’s most relaxed drawls– a sleepy-eyed, carefree ramble that slides effortlessly under tracks rather than bulldozing through them. But on his past few efforts, he’s pushed that drawl into some unexpected places. On the two Pilot Talk albums, he dug deep into the lava-lamp psych-soul of producer Ski Beatz. And on the Covert Coup mixtape, he navigated the broken, refracted boom-bap of the Alchemist. But “This Is the Life” doesn’t push Curren$y’s voice in any way-out directions; it’s just a calm, breezy bit of lush soul-rap from producer Monsta Beatz. (Side note: If you’re a producer with “Beatz” in your name, Curren$y will apparently work with you. Get ready, Swizz.)

With a track like that, it’s pretty easy for Curren$y to just do what he does, and that’s exactly what happens. His style isn’t a punchline-intensive one. Instead, it’s a laid-back amble, a twisty run of barely connected boasts and musings. You can’t quote him without using ellipses: “Ridin’ up the block, they think I’m movin’ in a Autobot/ Hop out, photo op/ Scan for the cops; if they not about…” With its sundazed R&B chorus, the end result isn’t too far removed from what Spitta’s buddy Wiz Khalifa has been doing lately. It’s stoned summertime pop music, and it washes over you like waves over your toes when you fall asleep in a beach chair.” - Tom Breihan

Armin Van Buuren - Mirages (Remixes)

First off, sorry for the lack of posts as of late. I apologize. As for the tracks I bring you today...
An Armin Van Buuren remix album is bound to be amazing. Everyone has heard the Avicii remix to Drowning, which was out of control good, but the rest of the 30 or so, yes 30, remixes of Armin's songs are awesome. Also, a good chunk of the remixes are not hardcore trance, so that is a very nice change up to the Armada's arsenal (Ha - ha). These two tracks in particular stood out and they have been floating around for a while.

Tristan Garner's remix to Feels so Good is so dope. I have been trying to find this song for over a month now, but of course Armada made it impossible to find before the release date. It brings you great vocals and a fantastic house feeling.

The other song I enjoy from this album is Shogun's remix of Take a Moment. As you all know I am an avid Armin fan - however, Shogun is one of my favorite trance guys around and Winter Kills is an amazing trance vocalist. Together, these three elements combine to make an extremely smooth song. Check it out

Friday, June 17, 2011

Felguk - Blow Out (Original Mix)

Don't know why this wasn't posted yet. After a long hiatus brazilian duo Felguk returns with this banger, thank god. Enjoy. 2:30...

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Weeknd - Birds, Pt. 1

This song gives me the chills. 1:10 "Don't make me make you fall in love with a nigga like me" in the chorus sounds incredibly cool. The Weeknd is extremely talented, and if you don't have House of Balloons yet then your a huge asshole. MUST HEAR! And thanks to The Weeknd for naming a song after us... Dirty Birds Unite

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nas - Nasty

Grimey, filthy. CLASSIC Nas to add some more grittiness to your rainy tuesday. This is a great sign...

Drake - Marvin's Room (D33J 6am Remix)

It's good to hear some "So Far Gone" Drake again, I think everyone prefers it over his previous young money shenanigans. The original of this song has been on repeat in my iTunes for a while, and this remix is too chilly to pass up. D33j released this statement with the mix:


didn’t sleep last night.
listened to marvin’s room on loop instead.
at 6am decided to remix it.
then i put it here.
just for you.

Original included below for you late bloomers:

Drake - Marvin's Room (D33J 6am Remix)

Drake - Marvin's Room

Monday, June 13, 2011

*UPDATE* Big Sean Feat. Kanye West & Roscoe Dash - Marvin Gaye & Chardonnay (Dirty/CDQ)

No I.D. killed this beat, and everyone on the track kills it... This is such a great song, I can't wait for the Dirty/CDQ to come out, this is gonna be huge. Those horns and that bed-squeak-esque synth? Seriously? Nahhhh, No I.D. this is too good, fall back. Hearing this is like a breathe of fresh air. Definitely go grab Finally Famous the album when it drops June 28th. This is my new favorite song, atleast until Funkmaster Flex gets a hold of it this Saturday on Hot97...

*Update* Updated link with the Dirty/CDQ. Find the full CD at a scene release near you!

*Update* Kanye just released this cut, SO dope as well. This sounds like some classic 'Ye, enjoy.

*Update* Keep 'em coming Mr. West. Here's a cut off CyHi's "Royal Flush 2" which drops tomorrow. Too smooth not to be produced by Kanye and No I.D. Also, featuring Big Sean, the man of the hour. Enjoy.

Pryda - Mirage EP

The legendary Eric Prydz finally dropped his amazing three song release Mirage today, under his Pryda alias. The title track "Mirage" is amazing in every aspect, progressive and melodic with great reverb'd vocal samples that aren't too overpowering. The other two are great as well, "Juletider" is heavier than "With Me" but they both have incredible progression and powerful drops. Definitely worth a listen.

1. Mirage (Original Mix)
2. Juletider (Original Mix)
3. With Me (Original Mix)

Avicii spinning out East @ South Pointe

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Alex Kenji & Marco Lys - Manaus (Original Mix)

I know, Tech House, not my preference. However, despite the lack of tunes that have been coming out lately, this song really sticks out. I think it is extremely well put together and it is definitely a song to groove to. The slight vocals in there give a good touch as well. If you want to start dunking your paws into the tech house genre, this is a good starting point. Enjoy.

As a little extra, check out this additional tech house track. It has gotten much attention over the past month and it is also a great, slightly tech song that has some interesting vocal surprises and a good drop. Check it out.

Tony Jaguar - Ilona (Marcus Maison & Will Dragen Arena Edit)


Speechless and mungover just listen.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Kito & Reija Lee - Sweet Talk

This song is soooo funky talk about giving a new sound to minimal dubstep. The bass hits are truly amazing in this track, well done Kito & Reija Lee.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Cricket Report 6-7-11

Hey all, works got me busy so I will be posting several songs at once from now on most likely. There are a bunch of good ones again tonight.

First off is Truelove - Rock the Cashbah (Original Mix). If you think this tune samples the classic Clash song... you are absolutely right. Even though this song is a little older, it is extremely well done. With just the right amount of funk, this house song is sure to please the crowd. It is a must have.

Okay, this song is much different than most because it is kind of a funky/minimal house song that has very unique vocals. Gramophonedzie & Joey Negro ft. Shea Soul released No Sugar (Original Mix) a bit ago and it has been on fire. This so is so different than everything else out there and the jazz element is really fresh. Let's swing dance.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Wolf Gang - The King And All of His Men (Fred Falke Remix)

Fred Falke is a seasoned producer and it comes to light in this remix as he focuses on development rather than rushing his beats. This track sums up his production style and will keep you birds listening and guessing.

Mikael Weermets ft. Errol Reid & David Puentez - Time (Club Mix)

Just wait for the drop pure fire with the piano stinging your birdie ears and the distinct vocals by Errol Reid which many of you have heard in Axwell's track "Nothing But Love".

Martin Solveig ft. Dragonette & Idoling - Big In Japan (Single Edit)


Here is Martin Solveig's new single.. I must say pretty mainstream so this is for you commercial birds out there you will sweat this track as much as "Hello".

The Cricket Report 6-6-11

Birdies, today I am putting a few songs within one post. The First is Mord Fustang's new song called A New World (Original Mix). Yes, it is dubstep, but you know that Mord Fustang always hits it with intense electronic vibes, making it an amazing listen. He is one of the few dubstep guys I really like, and this song is so sick.

The next song comes from Funkagend & Adam K, and it is called Drift (Original Club Mix). This is an awesome progressive track that has some electronic vibes, a great build up, and a great amount of energy. I really love the smooth sound before the drop - this is one of my favorite songs in a while.

Another great song that came out today was Reset! - Calypsoul (Original Mix). This song is the definition of funky. I am digging this new funk/disco kind of trend because these songs are so easy to dance to. This song gets a little intense at parts, but the consistency of funk throughout makes it such a unique and dope track.

Finally, there is Nicky Romero's new song, Keyboard (Original Mix). I am not usually a huge Romero fan because he is way too electronic in certain songs, but it is way tuned down in this track and it has progressive elements. This is a sick summer song and, in my opinion, it is kind of anthemy. Give it a listen.

Avicii - Sweet Dreams (Gregori Klosman Remix)

Finally this remix we have all been hearing so much about comes out. Definitely worth the wait. Grab the full album on Beatport here.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

THROWBACK: Yelawolf - I Wish (Remix) (Featuring CyHi Da Prince & Pill)

I know this blog doesn't shine much light on hip-hop music, but this throwback needed to be shared. I was just reminded of this song and it has been on repeat in my iTunes for the last 20 minutes. This isn't a matter of whether you like rap or not, this is simply good music. It's refreshing to see that there are still some legitimate rappers out there. Hip-hop is dead?

Justice - Civilization (LAZRtag Bootleg Mix)

This is a great glitchy dance tune and it gets right to the point. No unnecessary 2 minute drum build intro nonsense. You call it progressive, I call it boring. All of the sweeps are really creative too, the second drop at 1:33 is nuts. Well done LAZRTAG.

Lucky Date & Midnight Conspiracy - Veyron (Night Version)

I know this is considered dubstep, but its an amazing song. Its not heavy at all and its very melodic, one of the first dubstep songs I've been able to handle on a hangover sunday. Definitely give it a listen, even if you hate dubstep. Music for the masses.

Destineak - Calling Your Name (Remixes)

The remix album of Destineak's Calling Your Name was just released, yielding remixes by the likes of Lazy Rich and Ian Carey in particular. Lazy Rich remixed Just the Music in his great electronic style, making it a pretty intense song with solid vocals. Ian Carey's remix of Calling Your Name is, in my opinion, the best on the album. The song is extremely smooth with great build ups and good vocals, making it an extremely easy listen.

Just the Music (Lazy Rich Remix)

Calling Your Name (Ian Carey Remix)

Orjan Nilsen - While I Wait

Orjan Nilsen is a trance producer from Norway that gets a lot of respect around the electronic music scene. He just dropped his latest album called In My Opinion on June 3rd, and it is receiving a lot of attention from DJs such as Armin Van Buuren. While I Wait is one of the better songs off of the album - it is an upbeat, groovy track that is great for the dance floor. Give it a listen, and check out the album if you like Nilsen's sound.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kyau & Albert - Velvet Morning (Super8 & Tab Remix)

Another great trance track by Kyau & Albert, remixed by none other than the great duo of Super8 & Tab, who always deliver quality songs. This track in particular is no different, with its good vocals and almost gritty feel, it is definitely a great song for both the avid trance fans and dance music fans in general. Give it a listen.

Feed Me - To The Stars (Original Mix)

Great song from a great EP. If you don't have it yet snag it on Beatport. Strange Behaviour with vocals from the fine Tasha Baxter is another favorite of mine if your a dubstep fan. Download that one here.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs - Trouble

Fuck a hipster! Releases June 20th on Polydor with remixes from Jamie Jones, Chad Valley and Lapalux. Official video down bottom.

Pierce Fulton - Porcella (Original Mix)

Pierce Fulton is only 18 years old, and he is already making noise in the electronic music scene. This song is so soothing it is unbelievable. Just as you are beginning to relax with this one, he hits you with and intense vibe that make it an amazing progressive track. This kid has got a lot of talent, and he will definitely keep making great songs like this one. Check it out.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Skrillex - More Monsters & Sprites EP (Preview)

If you haven't noticed yet, I'm a huge Skrillex fan. Sonny just let loose of this preview to his new EP titled "More Monsters & Sprites" set to drop exclusively on Beatport June 7th & everywhere else June 21st. Tracklist:

2. Ruffneck (Flex)
3. Ruffneck (FULL Flex)
5. Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites (Phonat Remix)
6. Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites (The Juggernaut Remix)

Figure - The Monsters Revenge (Original Mix)

Figure just let this go on his soundcloud, and it's blazin. This is on some real sketch dance slash dubstep slash electronic slash frankenstein shit. Amazing tune, guaranteed to get you moving or bashing your head against the wall or piss your parents off, whichever you prefer.

Zedd - Dovregubben (Original Mix)

This song was released a day or two ago on Dim Mak Records and I am really unsure why none of us have posted it yet. My apologies dirtybirds, this is a true "banger".

Famous - All Hail The Kid

I know that we NEVER post hip hop/rap on this site but to tell you the truth I am a hip hop fan first, dance/electronic fan second. I felt that this song was appropriate to post seeing as the beat is ill and it will definitely move a crowd. Famous kills it too, per usual. Great song all around.

Mark Knight & Funkagenda - Antidote (Sebastian Krieg Remix)

Mark Knight & Funkagenda are two awesome producers. However, Sebastien Krieg took this track and really made it a progressive listen that is easy on the ears. This house track is really groovy and almost hypnotizing. Also, it picks up towards the end of the song, which gives the track some necessary energy. Give it a listen.