Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Gregori Klosman - Klosmania (Episode 1)

I posted something by the great Klosman the other day, and here he comes again with the first installment of his new mix series, Klosmania. Within the next few days you'll be able to subscribe and download on iTunes, but for now here it is.

*Hulkshare removed upon request*

Gregori Klosman presents KLOSMANIA - Episode 01 by Gregori Klosman

John Dahlbäck - June 13

Dahlbäck is one of the few really consistent dance producers, I love every song of his. This release is no different. This is a very interesting song, something you can dance to and something you can just as easily cruise or chill to. Not sure about a release for this one, popped up a few minutes ago on Mutants soundcloud but grab it for free below.

Jochen Miller - Brace Yourself (Jochen Miller Re-Edit)

Jochen Miller is a highly respected name in trance and he always puts out impressive tracks. Also, he constantly gains a good deal of recognition from DJs around the world for his productions. This song is no different - with its upbeat nature and unique sound, it is sure to win over the favoritism of all you trance heads out there. This track is definitely impressive and it is worth a very close listen.

Andhim - Extragold (Original Mix)

This is a track that has somehow slipped through the cracks of the charts but is a complete tech banger. Andhim is a duo of German producers who just unleashed an entire array of productions on the world just a year ago and they are already an extremely well respected name in the underground house scene. At 125 BPM this track gives off a sort of deep vibe with the low end and percussive elements of a tech house bomb.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Update: Save the World (Alesso Remix)

This is the remix of Save the World that everyone has been waiting for. I mentioned it in a previous post, and it has finally been released. Alesso has been on absolute FIRE the last couple of months and this song really brings him into the mainstream eye. This progressive house track incorporates electronic elements to make it more aggressive and in my opinion, the best remix to date. This is how the song should have been made. Check it.

Thierry Roland - Highlife EP

The debut EP from Toronto based French/Disco House Producer Thierry Roland. This is an amazing release that everyone should hear. Goodies below.

1. Highlife (Original Mix)

2. Falling In Love (Original Mix)

Rob Manga & Full Crate - Mirrors In June (Mix)

Not usually a huge fan of mixes, but this is a great post-night-out mix by Mr. Manga & Full Crate. Not quite the Ravey Jones tune your probably expecting from this site, but it's a nice, soothing listen.

Tiesto Pres. Allure Feat. Jes - Show Me the Love

Okay, I am back on the Tiesto bandwagon if he is going to keep producing tracks like this. I am not sure why so many electronic artists do this, but he released this song as his other alias, Allure. This trance tune is so, so good. From the vocals, which are amazing, to the build ups and breakdowns, to the uniqueness of this song, it is an extremely well done track. Give it a listen.

Fedde Le Grand - Metrum (Original Mix)

You have to love Fedde. He makes some dope tracks and is always consistent. This tune is more of a tech house song, but it is still extremely well done and has sick build ups. I am sure this song will get a few more great remixes, it already got one that is pretty good. Give it a listen.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Drop The Lime - Hot As Hell (AC Slater Remix)

Gregori Klosman - Jaws (Original Mix)

I remember hearing a preview of this a few months ago but it just recently re-released on one of the 986 million summer ibiza 2011 mixes. I usually skip over those "Pacha-esque" mix cds but recognized this song, and it's another great dance tune.

Lucky Date - I Love The Way You Move (Original Mix)

Amazing new dance tune from Lucky Date, vocals on this track are great. I've been following Lucky Date since their Discofukkr remix, and was blown away by their Frankmusik remix that came out about a month ago (which I just realized I didn't post for some odd reason). Oh well, give them all a listen.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

TMS Feat. Jagga - I Need You

Dubstep for the masses. It really bugs me that everyone thinks they were the first person to EVER like dubstep, and when someone makes something a little more mainstream they freak out. This is a good song, stop being such a pissy hipster and enjoy the music. Official video below.

Buku - I Never Knew (Original Mix)

This Pittsburgh native makes some dirty music. Check out his soundcloud, he's got a nice variety of sound.

DJs From Mars - Show Me In the Deep (Adele vs. Robin S)

I just found this mash-up from DJs From Mars, who make some sick remixes and such. I am not a huge fan of mash-ups but DJs From Mars does it right. I feel obligated to post this song even though it is a few weeks old because it mashes these two monster classics in such a dope manner. Check it out.

Michael Mind Project Feat. Sean Kingston - Ready or Not (Club Mix)

This song is a mainstream crowd pleaser with electronic elements, so you can easily play it at a party to get people dancing. Despite my lack of support for mainstream "club" songs, I like this one because it is still legitimate electronic music and Sean Kingston does provide some good vocals for this type of song. The drop is also pretty good, electronic style. Check it out.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Filterheadz - Everything Explained

New dance tune from the Wilmaers brothers, super progressive and super housey. They are also doing a great job of keeping this off the leak stream, we've gotta be the only blog with a legit link...

Mord Fustang - Lick the Rainbow (Original Mix)

I know, this song is a month (or maybe more) old. However, I just realized how well done it is after several listens and it is really getting me back into this electronic - dubstep mix. The song is awesome, it has sick drops and is as unique as the days are long. Give it a listen, especially if you are into electronic.

Russ Chimes - Tonic (Original Mix)

I've been following Russ Chimes for a long time, since that dope ass Starry Eyed mix he did. Now, this EP drops. It sounds a little something like this...

Caribou - Sun (Pyramid Remix)

Kap Slap- Till Silvia Saves The World (SHM x Britney x Mike Snow)


This remix/mashup is fire. No need to write a insignificant paragraph about this song. Just listen and enjoy.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Swedish House Mafia - Save the World (Style of Eye Remix)

I find it funny that everyone and their mother is making Save the World better than the original version, when One last year could not be made one bit better. I am moving away from SHM because their songs seem to be declining in quality over the past year, but this remix is really dope. Style of Eye, who is a veteran but not as widely known, incorporates huge drops and electronic elements into this house hit to make it really unique. This song is a winner in my book, and I really think it is better than the original. Also, look out for Style of Eye's new single coming out named We Are Boys, and the other Save the World remix by Alesso. Both seem very promising. Check it.

Skrillex Presents Free Treats, Vol. 1

Skrillex is the shit. I don't care if you hate dubstep or "brostep" or whatever the fuck it is you hate, there's no getting around the fact that Skrillex is incredibly cool right now and extremely talented. He just let loose of this mini freEP with three tracks from him, Zedd, 12th Planet & Flinch via facebook and it is everything you would expect, amazing. Each song is different and equally as enjoyable. I rarely use the term "banger" because it gets thrown around so much and usually doesn't apply, but this cd... BANGER.

1. Skrillex & 12th Planet - Needed Change

2. Flinch - World On Fire

3. Zedd - Changes (Feat. Champions)

MPC Love

So I was going through some old beats and started groovin' to some of my old MPC creations and felt the need to shine some light on the machine. Below are two amazing live MPC performances from some of the greatest to grace the sampler. Melo-X drops a great live MPC performance, and if you don't have his latest freEP "More Merch" yet, grab it here.

Dipset producer AraabMuzik is the best ever in my opinion. This video is just unreal, he is one of the few that use the MPC as an actual instrument. All hail AB the king. No downloads for him because he doesn't have any solo releases, but you can cop Cam'ron & Vado's highly underrated "Gunz N' Butta" here, which features almost all Araab's production.

Boys Will Be Boys - We Tell (Original Mix)

This Boys Will Be Boys group (the coalition of Tiesto, Angger Dimas, and Showtek) kind of bothers me. Personally, it seems like Tiesto just slapped his name on it without really doing any of the work because the songs do not have his sound at all. Since the release of his mixtape two months ago, this group has been gaining some hype, leading up to the release of three songs today - We Party, We Rock, and We Tell. We get the gimmick I guess. The first two songs, We Party and We Rock, are pretty weak in my opinion, and they basically sound the same. However, We Tell is actually a pretty good song with a housey feel, and even though it has similar elements to the other two songs, it is definitely the superior track. Give it a listen.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Excision - X Sessions, Vol. 1

I'm usually not a fan of mixes, but this mix is amazing. A full hour of some really great, well put together dubstep. Half this shit is unreleased, and the other half are classics (as lil b would put it). I also included a single track download of my favorite song off the mix, The Next Episode (Jay Robinson Remix), which I actually got about a year ago and bumped in my car for a good 6 months. Enjoy this dose of filth.

X Sessions, Vol. 1

Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg - The Next Episode (Jay Robinson Remix)

Tim Berg - Tonite (Avicii's Kicking Ass Mix)

I really do not know where all these Avicii songs come from. This one is under his Tim Berg alias, but its still the same guy. It is like he produces banger after banger under both of his aliases. It makes me seriously question whether all of them are legitimate or not. However, this song is another great one and it sounds just like the typical Avicii tune, which is not a bad thing, but I am starting to wonder if he can really branch out past the sound he has established. Nonetheless, this song rocks and it will be an instant favorite. Check it out.
By the by, where is Before This Night is Through? I have been waiting for that song forever now.

Cajmere - Brighter Days (Just Blaze Remixes)

These tracks are about a week old but by no means am I "late" in posting them, nor did I "miss" them. I have been waiting for the free time to sit down and actually write the post that these songs, along with their producer, deserve. If I had to go through and pick my three most influential producers, Just Blaze would be on that list. When most people go back to when they "first got into Just Blaze", they go back to his earliest Jay-Z days when he did a handful of tracks on The Dynasty: Roc La Familia. Don't get me wrong, those were classic tracks that spurred both their careers, but it wasn't until I heard the beat for Cam'ron's "The Roc (Just Fire)" that I really started viewing Just Blaze as a real talent. He then went on to produce a majority of the songs that shaped my teens as well as my production style, e.g. "Oh Boy", "I Really Mean It", "December 4th", "PSA", "Breathe", "Touch The Sky" & "Oh My God" to name a few. Sorry to bore, here's how the story unfolds. Just Blaze apparently bought a new mixer earlier this year and proceeded to post a 3 hour DJ mix to his soundcloud, proving that his musical inclination expanded beyond hip-hop, boasting his vast knowledge of classic house music. Although everyone is saying that "a few months later Cajual recruited him for his first dance release" that is false. I don't know if anyone remembers but not long after he did the Exhibit C beat for Jay Electronica he released a remix instrumental entitled "Exhibit G, F, P" (Guido Fist Pump), followed by the A-Team mix he did with Murdock. Point Proven. Finally, what I'm trying to say is, Just Blaze is incredible. These two remixes are so nostalgic and well produced I can't begin to put it into writing. Just Blaze has already conquered hip hop, but can he conquer music itself?

Brighter Days (Just Blaze reOPENed 3AM Mix)

Brighter Days (Just Blaze Dub Mix)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tyson - Out Of My Mind

Tyson really is out of his mind, the dude is mysterious as fuck. This song is amazing though, not as dancey as most tracks we post but I'm really into whatever it is Tyson is trying to do. All that's really known about this dude is that he's from London... I guess he's taking The-Weeknd route and trying to "Banksy" the music industry. The visuals are dope too, peep below.

Mumford and Sons - Little Lion Man (Nicademass & Hysteria Remix)

Nicademass is one of the most unique producers out there and is finally making it onto the electro/house/dubstep radar. Dirtybird Music Groupe is proud to represent his remixes. Give me your thoughts on this and we will post more in the future.

Avicii - Piano In the Sand

Typical Avicii shitting on bitches with a continuous stream of banger tracks. The piano rules this track giving it an earthy feel. These qualities have made this song the official Sunrise Festival Anthem, which is coming up in June.

Daniel Kandi - Piece of Me (Alternative Beach Mix)

Finally found another good trance tune. It feel like it has been a while. Daniel Kandi is on fire in the trance scene, producing solid track after solid track. This latest remix, along with Soul Searchin, were released today through Ajunabeats. This remix is a lot more light hearted while still keeping the same intensity, which I think it a huge win and will keep people dancing to it. Check it out.

Wallem Brothers Feat. Max C - Could This Be Love (Original Mix)

I am not sure when this song came out officially, but it is still a great one to have. It is simply a classic house track. Max C delivers again with vocals and the song is happy and really upbeat with great build ups. It is almost Avicii-esk, which makes it a great crowd pleaser and it is also easy on the ears. Give it a listen.

Toddla T - Take It Back (Dillon Francis Remix)

Dillon Francis is great, his style is really different than everyone elses on the scene. It's like a melting pot of all different genres, but still heavy. Great remix, slower Ravey Jones status.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Barry Fore - Tanthem (Siege Remix)

You can tell these two Belgians work well together. Siege once again continues to amaze with another remix. Listen to this ear sex.

Robbie Rivera Feat. Lizzie Curious - Departures (Cosmic Gate Remix)

Rivera's euro-trance really comes out in this remix. This song is not "new new", I just wanted to get it out there for all you trance birds that have not heard it.

Wez Clarke & Eddie Kid Feat. Mac C. - Without You (Siege Remix)

I threw the original version of this song up about 2 weeks ago which was a banger. I did not think this song could be remixed but Siege, a Belgian producer and DJ, blessed us with his version.

Meridian - Elsewhere (Karl Rose Remix)

Unsigned French producer Karl Rose knows the deal. This song is honestly beyond me... That bouncy synth is incredible, I've never heard anything like it. Everything about this remix is on point and this track is a defenite download. 'Nuff said.

Afrojack & R3hab - Prutataaa (Original Mix)

Holy shit... This song is genius. Amazing dance tune, one of the best I've heard in a while. It's not constant like most boring dance songs are with some retarded synth heavy drop and some stupid obvious buildup. This is like nothing I've heard, constantly changing measure by measure while remaining enjoyable and danceable. Really, really great collab between Afrojack & R3hab, MUST HEAR!

Robbie Rivera - The Sound of the Times

Talk about blueballs... Just a teaser for now, helping Robbie add to the hype train before his album drops sometime this summer. Anthem?

Matias Chilano - Signals (Incognet Remix)

This progressive house track is too good. I am not usually a fan of songs that build up for so long without a real breakdown but this aspect of the song makes it feel like trance. Also, It has a funky vibe while incorporating a chill essence that really makes it unique. Give it a listen.

Apster & Bassjackers - Brougham (Original Mix)

I have really grown to love this song. It's got aspect of dance and dubstep mixed in but I don't really know how I would classify it. All of the sounds are really hard hitting, and the product is a dark, perfectly off pitched tune. Ravey Jones status.

Little Boots- Earthquake (Fytch's Complete Rework)

Fine I never thought I would be doing this but this is one of the few dubstep songs I like. Little Boots is an electropop artist and Fytch is taking it to the next level keeping the song mellow yet adding a monster beat to it. Enjoy birdies.

Red Carpet Feat. Marcus Schossow - Alright 2011 (Marcus Schossow Remix)

Dirty. Build ups, breakdowns, makes you want to dance. Completely a house banger. Just download it, this track is going to be huge this summer. I applaud Schossow for this remix. Terrific job. Cirp.

SebastiAn - Kindercut

Cannot wait for this album, Total, to release May 30th on Ed Banger / Big Beat / Atlantic (my old stomping grounds). This french electro producer has included features from the likes of Mayer Hawthorne and M.I.A. and I promise this debut LP is guaranteed to kill it. This is my favorite track off the release, but be sure to cop the full ting May 30th on Itunes.

Mykill - Falling

Disco-esque dance track to kick off the week. Very enjoyable stuff from this french styled San Fran DJ. Looking forward to his future EP on Solid Bump Records.

EZLV - Obvious Dilemma

I just slept for 13 hours and woke up to this... I saw it as a sign that it needed to be shared. I haven't really paid much attention to the "laidback house" genre until a few weeks ago and I must say I really enjoy it. Perfect monday release.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Gypsy the Cat - Jona Vark (Tommy Trash Remix)

Tommy Trash is on fire. He already released a remix of Summer of Love last month, which was amazing, and he does it again with this newest remix. This song has really laid back vocals and a great build up and then falls into the style Tommy Trash uses. This makes a really gritty, tough house song that has an electronic flavor. This song is a banger, check it out.

The Saturdays - Notorious (Chuckie Extended Mix)

Chuckie does some dope remixes in that dirty dutch style, but in particular, I really enjoyed this one. The lyrics are mainstream pop-ish and Chuckie adds just the right amount of the dutch to make it a great song to dance to. Do not miss out on this one.

John Dahlback - Work It Out (Original Mix)

Tech House.. Not usually my thing but knowing John Dahlback's reputation made me intrigued about this track. In turn, I really liked the song and I think it is going to be massive when it is officially released. The song does not have huge build ups and drops because it is tech house, but it utilizes regular house elements to give the song a great flow. These qualities will lead to the song's success throughout the course of the summer, so check it before the crowd catches on.

theAmplid - Dance No More (Original Mix)

I know I'm really late with this one but I just heard the remix EP and this track is too dope not to post. It isn't too synth heavy but still danceable by all means. Watch out, that vocal loop is going to be stuck in your head for a while.