Saturday, May 21, 2011

DJ Dstar & Biacco - The One EP

I absolutely LOVE when DJ's release EP's like this. The dance genre has gotten so flooded with singles and remix albums, it's like nobody even bothers to make EP's at all anymore. Although this is only 4 tracks, every single song is amazing. I am one of the biggest nu-disco / disco house fans out there, so hearing this made me really excited. It's a sub-genre I felt never got enough shine, because most of the tracks are repetitive and often under produced. This EP is far from the stereotype, and gives the genre new hope. To sum it up, I haven't been this excited about a dance EP in a long time, and it's a must have. Unfortunately we can't post any freebies from this release yet, but the teaser below gives you a great idea of how incredible this EP is. Worth every last penny.

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