Thursday, May 26, 2011

Boys Will Be Boys - We Tell (Original Mix)

This Boys Will Be Boys group (the coalition of Tiesto, Angger Dimas, and Showtek) kind of bothers me. Personally, it seems like Tiesto just slapped his name on it without really doing any of the work because the songs do not have his sound at all. Since the release of his mixtape two months ago, this group has been gaining some hype, leading up to the release of three songs today - We Party, We Rock, and We Tell. We get the gimmick I guess. The first two songs, We Party and We Rock, are pretty weak in my opinion, and they basically sound the same. However, We Tell is actually a pretty good song with a housey feel, and even though it has similar elements to the other two songs, it is definitely the superior track. Give it a listen.

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