Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Koan Sound - Max Out EP

I honestly don't even know how to start describe this release, because whatever is going on in this EP is beyond me. This is probably the most advanced production I have ever heard in EDM or dubstep or whatever this is classified as. This EP came out a while back but it's been sitting in my downloads folder for the past month, and has now been on repeat in my iTunes for the past 4 days. You need to hear this in context though, your computer speakers won't do this justice. Hearing this on some legitimate speakers took it to a whole nother level, the way every sound is panned and directionally mixed is too precise, it's like your ears are riding on a dubstep rollercoaster. Each of the four songs are all equally as good, this EP is a MUST HAVE. All of the tracks available for preview and download below. Dirty. Birds. For your health.

1. Trouble In The West
2. Max Out
3. Mr. Brown
4. One Hand Clap

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