Friday, August 26, 2011

Crowd Controlol - Lolwut - EP

Hey fellas,

Today is a really big day for me as my first ever EP just dropped on Beatport. I have been trying to get music on the store for over a year now and today it finally happened with AudioGroove Records. The EP has 3 tracks on it, which I consider to be deep house, tech house, and techno. They identified all 3 tracks on beatport as "Tech House" but I don't know if I necessarily agree with that.

The first track listed, "Commander in Chiefed" is what I considered to be the deep house track. It incorporates vocals of the inaugural speech by JFK over 3 layers of filtered synth shots that work together to form a sort of groove. The main melody, believe it or not, is a bongo drum that is manipulated in pitch to form a chromatic scale, which is what you hear as it climbs 12 notes in each sequence. The lyrics were intended to give the track a deeper, thought provoking vibe that flows better than a dub version.

Next, "Musica Break". This was a track that I thought to be the darkest on the EP. It is what I consider dark techno, very similar to a UMEK sort of style, with an almost electric sounding baseline and grinding vocals with vocoders on the channels to make it even darker. The top loop was combined with the whipping sound to make a series of overwhelming sound effects that work together on totally separate layers. Producing this track really gave me a better perspective on how we sometimes hear various layers as one in a track, when really they are on seperate channels simply supplementing each other.

Last is my favorite on the EP, "Wut". This track was the most recent one I produced and is what I believe to be the best portrayal of what I want most of my tracks to sound like in the future. The rolling tech baseline along with the bongo drums and clean high hats give it a sort of tribal vibe in the beginning. Later in the track, a new layer comes in that changes the feel of the entire track. The genre nearly completely transforms from tribal house to techno at 5:00.

Aside from my artist name being spelled wrong on Beatport (which is a real pain in the ass, and I'm getting it fixed as soon as possible), this is a really exciting day for me and I am looking forward to hundreds of more releases in the future. I would really appreciate any support you have to offer for the EP and have a great weekend!

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