Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cam'ron & Vado - BOAB 2.8

Cam let loose of Boss of all Bosses 2.8 last night to tide everyone over until the album drops, and it blew a ninjas mind. I am a HUGE Vado & Cam fan, and an even bigger Diplomats enthusiast. This tape has that real classic early 2000's Diplomats sound, think Diplomats Vol. 1-5 or Diplomatic Immunity. Below are just a few selections off the release, each as incredible as the next. Definitely, definitely worth the listen. #Slime

3. House Of Harlem (Featuring Jaz)

4. Star (Featuring Jaz & Rod Rhaspy)

5. Picture (Featuring Jaz & Rod Rhaspy)

13.Watch Out (Featuring Hell Rell & J.R. Writer)

15. Bread Breakers (Featuring Hell Rell & J.R. Writer)

16. Fairytales (Featuring Avery Storm & Jaz)

19. Key 2 Life

21. Life Is Like A Movie

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