Saturday, July 2, 2011

Avicii Previews 2 New Tracks at EDC 2011

So I unfortunately couldn't make it to EDC, but spent the last week catching up and listening to all of the sets. I was bummed I couldn't find a proper rip of Skrillex's set (I heard it was in-credible) but in my opinion, of all the sets I heard Avicii's had the most authentic feel. It was really consistent and well mixed, and full of incredible tunes, some old, some new. Below are 2 new Avicii tunes he previewed:

Avicii - Papa Was A Rollin Stone (Live Preview)

This mix sounds AMAZING. Those synthy vocals in the intro are so incredible. It reminds me a lot of the vocals from Kanye's "Workout Plan", with more of a solo, freestyle feel. If Marvin Gaye and Daft Punk somehow had a baby, that's exactly how it would sound.

Avicii - New ID (Live Preview)

This is an incredibly interesting song. The intro is deceiving, and at first seems somewhat off beat and awkwardly mesmerizing. Although, when the drums kick in it all seems to make sense, coming together to form an amazing mix of creative synths and stellar melodies.

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